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Wilmington, NC has so much to offer when you're looking for gifts. Arts, entertainment, sports, events, festivals, unique retail, you name it, it's probably here. Are you looking for a gift idea or a gift certificate for someone in Wilmington, North Carolina?

We have what you're looking for!


Check out "Wilmington Today" to learn about other Wilmington events and attractions.


Featured artist from our art pages  



Much like the treasures he creates, Ed Ferguson himself is a one of a kind. We have had the pleasure of knowing him for some years now and and we see great consistency in both his work and his character. His limited body of work is prized by collectors from all over the world.

Ed carefully selects each piece of wood and then with the skill of the best of craftsmen and the eye and heart of a master artist, he brings forth awe inspiring beauty and power.

If your are looking for a unique piece of folk art, give me a call and I will introduce you to his work. Buyers are introduced to Ed and given a Certificate of authenticity for each one of a kind piece.

Contact Jay @




~Give comfort to a soldier~

Are you looking for a way to show love and support for young Americans who are so far away from home?

The USO has been a bridge between civilians and soldiers for many years, bringing aid and comfort to to our brave young men and women who give us so much. Every bit counts! So please consider clicking the link and learning more about the USO!




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We offer Wilmington gift certificates and gifts ideas for Wilmington North Carolina entertainment, restaurants, recreation and gifts let us be your gift guide.